Pictures of Kitchen After Mini Remodel

Here is the final look!!
Rust Oleum Kitchen

Navajo White
Navajo White color of our newly painted walls.
Espresso Rust-Oleum
Espresso Rust-Oleum the color we painted our kitchen cupboards.

Robbie’s home was the ultimate bachelor pad before I moved in. From his motorcycle racing, his love for mountain biking, electronic toys such as remote control helicopters, mounds of tech stuff  android or apple music player the kitchen cupboards looked more like a mechanical / electrical engineering lab mixed with a few cupboards of miss matched dishes and utensils, and the essentials to make guys food -> pizza, chilly and oddly pumpkin pie. Martha Stewart would have an anxiety attack after opening up a few drawers.

Because of my artistic background I needed to tackle the kitchen, I couldn’t handle it, especially with a wedding guest coming. One by one I empty the cupboards and painted them white inside and donating anything that looked like a college students dishes to freecycle, put the tools in the tool chest, and motorcycle parts and electronic gizmos in the garage. We made a dedicated place for his mountain biking water bottles and his mountain bike lights.

We used my dishes I have collected for years that all are white  (will post pictures one day). I persuaded Robbie to repaint the outside of the cupboards with a cupboard repainting kit from Rust-Oleum I researched for many months prior and concluded it had good reviews as long as you follow the instructions. We painted the walls Navajo White, with baseboards Ultra White and new cupboard hardware

As the wedding was getting closer and I being very sick on and off my good friends David, Danny and Parents chipped in to help us finish.

Things were such a transformation random neighbors started to drop by shocked to see how it was constantly progressing and some will use the same cabinet kit to do their kitchens as well