Our Martha Stewart Halloween Door-front Decor Disassembled By a Toddler.

With Halloween around the corner I couldn’t resist getting some pumpkin, and gourds for the front door. Six decent size  pumpkin and eight gourds to be exact.
Proud of myself of how well I assembled them, very Martha Stewart like I went to get my camera and James to take pictures with him and the beautiful arrangement.

I thought how great this will be I will get him to sit at the front door and have some adorable toddler photos I can send to family and friends.

I soon learned the photos will not turn out as I expected.

The arrangement lasted less then 5 minutes as James picked up each gourd and pumpkin throwing them on the lawn faster then I could stop him, no matter how many times I try to put it together he just disassembles it the minute to the point I have given up putting them back. Below are some photos of the mayhem.

Pumpkins neatly arrange. I put three pumpkins on each side and gourds around them



The throwing starts

No size is too big for him

Nothing will stop him

James inspecting his work, he preferred  this arrangement over my Martha Stewart look